Richborn Carlos Cruz
Managing Director

Greetings! Thank you for visiting Duplo Vietnam website.

In today’s world, print and technology applications are rapidly

transforming.New digital technologies continue to advance to

collaborate with the increasing market demand, specifically,

in the printing industry.

In these challenging times, Duplo brand has maintained good quality

products from printing to finishing; ensuring quality from start to finish.


As part of Duplo Corporation, Duplo Vietnam Company Limited continues to innovate ideas and

provide cost efficient and pointed solutions to our customer’s requirement from print to documents.

From digital copy printers to a wide variety of finishing products such as collators,

cutters, creasing, stitching, folding, binding machines and bookletmakers

which can be integrated offline or online, depending on our customers budget and requirement.


We at Duplo VN put customers’ success first in everything we do. We give value to your investment.

Understanding our customer and demonstrating a deeper insight in what they really want,

is one of our objectives.We make your business our business!

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